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How to Apply


Hiring a Contractor

As a fire retardant paint, PinkShield performs according to the thickness of wet mils applied (See Step 1- Determine your Level of Protection). Your paint installer / applicator should be aware of the level of fire protection required and the corresponding thickness.  Please contact Cano Coatings directly for more information on fire performance.  We recommend a minimum thickness of 6 wet mils (265 sqft per gallon) but if a class A rating is needed (FSR <25) a second coat is likely required (12 - 14 wet mils or 114 sqft per gallon).



PinkShield is a water-based paint that can be applied just like any paint – you can brush, roll or spray it on. It can be used on exterior wood sheathing, interior wood framed walls, kitchen and bathroom wood framed walls, basement subfloors or wood I-joists.

Here are the steps to take when applying PinkShield:

Step 1 - Determine Your Level of Protection

Before starting it is important to decide the level of fire protection you require. The level of thickness dictates the amount of protection you will receive. For example, internal testing shows that uncoated 3/8" OSB will burn through in approximately 5 minutes. When PinkShield is applied to OSB / Plywood it greatly improves fire resistance.

PinkShield Flame Spread Minutes Chart on 3/8" OSB (For guideline only. Performed through internal testing)

To get basic protection from fire and mildew, we recommend that you apply 6 wet mils (6/1000th").  If OSB or plywood is to be fire-rated for building or fire code, we only recommend our PKboard which has been factory applied by Cano Coatings Inc.


Uncoated 3/8 OSB 5 minutes 30 seconds
4 wet mils 6 minutes 30 seconds
6 wet mils 7 minutes 30 seconds
8 wet mils 9 minutes 00 seconds
10 wet mils 11 minutes 00 seconds
Application thickness vs time for blow torch to burn through OSB.

PinkShield Flame Spread Value Chart on 3/8" OSB (Based on CAN/ULC S102 single run – lower is better)

Uncoated 3/8" OSB


Flame Spread Value

4 wet mils


Flame Spread Value

6 wet mils


Flame Spread Value

8 wet mils


Flame Spread Value

10 wet mils


Flame Spread Value

Flame Spread Value is a single run of the CAN/ULC S102 test used for RD purposes. Full certification requires 3 consecutive runs. Factory coated PKboard has a certified Flame Spread Rating of 15 on 3/8" OSB and 15 minute thermal barrier at 14 wet mils tested by Intertek Laboratories in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Suggested Coverage

If you only want basic protection from fire and water damage, we recommend that you apply 6 wet mils. With 6 wet mils you will also give your wood the protection it needs to resist mildew growth if submerged. However if you want to your OSB or plywood to be fire-rated, it will require 14 wet mils and we recommend purchasing PKboard which has been factory coated at the correct thickness.

How to Measure:

image004When determining thickness, we refer to wet film thickness in mils. 1 wet mil = .001 inches or .024mm. Precise measurement should be verified using a wet mil gauge.

Press gauge into wet coating. Withdraw vertically and note deepest tooth having paint on it and the next higher tooth that is not coated with paint. The true wet film thickness lies between these two readings. Clean gauge in suitable solvent (or rinse with warm water) after each use.

If you require a gauge, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or indicate that you would like one when ordering.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Wood Surface

The surface of your wood should be dry and free from dirt, dust and debris prior to coating.

Step 3 - Apply Your Coating

Stir thoroughly before use. Do not apply if temperature is below 5 Celsius. PinkShield may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. For larger areas or unfinished basements, we strongly recommend spray using an airless sprayer. Wear eye protection and chemical resistant gloves. If spraying, spray in well ventilated area and wear a NIOSH half or full respirator with an organic filter (ie. 3M Vapor Cartridge 6001). For industrial spray applications, additional ventilation systems may be required. Dilution or thinning is not required or recommended. If rolling, we suggest a nylon/polyester brush, 10-15mm nap roller (depending on smoothness of surface).

Important to Note: In order to get the most protection, PinkShield should be applied to one side of the wood (side not exposed after in place) before nailing into place.

Step 4 - Allow Time To Dry

Dry time will depend on thickness applied. For example, when applying at 10 wet mils, at 50% relative humidity and 25 Celsius, PinkShield will be dry to the touch within 1 hour. Dry time will be longer in cooler temperatures and in higher humidity.

First Aid Instructions


Eye & skin

PinkShield may irritate eyes and skin. Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and consult physician if irritation persists. Wash affected skin area with soap and water.


If swallowed, give two glasses of water to drink. Do not induce vomiting. Never give anything to an unconscious person. Seek medical attention and provide label and material safety data sheet (MSDS).

For emergency information call: 1-800-424-9300 (Chemtrec) ID No. CCN652708



Since its inception, PinkShield has supported the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (Prairies*NWT) by tinting the fire protective paint pink and by donating $3.00 per gallon of retail paint sales to the foundation. Read More >>


There are two main purposes to have fire protected wood:



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